Sunday, April 4, 2010

Panoramas from India, 2009-2010

Over time, I will go through the photos I took with an eye to creating panoramas during my 2009-2010 trip to India, and publish ones I find interesting (at least for me).
It seems that Google Blogger has placed a 1600 pixel width maximum on any picture I put on the site, so see how they look.  Note that the pictures are a bit larger than normal.

The below 'video' of the panoramas was uploaded to YouTube, in a reduced size (and quality).

As usual, to see the images in a larger and better quality just click on any picture to 'embiggen'. 

Agonda Beach, Goa
This panorama looks northwest (left) to south east (right).

Agonda Beach, Goa
Looking down towards the beach from the peninsula at the northwest end of the beach.

Anne at Cola Beach
Looking north.

Little Cola (Palm) Beach, north of Agonda.

The coastline below Cabo de Rama, north of Agonda, Goa.

Another beautiful beach north of Agonda, Goa.

Udaipur, Rajasthan
Looking to the northwest from the roof of the Lal Ghat Guest House.

A view north from the south bank of Pichola Lake.

Udaipur city, from the Monsoon Palace, to the west of the city
(Pichola Lake to the right in the pic).

A wedding party, Udaipur.

The view from the top steps of Jagdish Temple, Udaipur.

The shop floor of an antique-gun making factory in Udaipur.
A sunset from the shore of Udaipur's Lake Pichola.

Hampi, Karnataka. One of my favorite places in India.
Looking north from the ruins on Hemakuta Hill, towards the Virupaksha temple.

 Looking east towards the 'monolithic Nandi'.

Achyuta Raya's Temple
(just beyond hill on right side of picture above)

Ellora, Maharashtra
Near Aurangabad.....Ellora, a site with 34 Hindu, Buddhist and Jain rock-cut temples and monasteries, but also with one of the most magnificent temples in all of India, the great Kailash Temple.
This is a full sized (huge!) temple completely hewn - excavated from the top down - out of the side of a hill - one!single!rock!  This is just a near-sunset view of a part of one side of the temple viewed from a side gallery. I have seen a great many temples across all of India over the years, but this is truly a jaw-dropper.

The below is a very odd Escher-ish image created by Photoshop's Photomerge function.  The software couldn't quite handle the large number of images I was originally putting together for a more expansive panorama and made this out of them.  Anyways, I like it.

Udaipur, Rajasthan.
A door in Udaipur.  The streets are typically very, very narrow, so to get this took quite a number of shots, actually.

Udaipur, Rajasthan.
Part of the interior (about 300 degrees) of the inner courtyard in the Lal Ghat Guest House.  The area to the right is a clothes washing area; in the middle, sinks and toilet/showers for rooms with no 'attached'; to the left in the distance the 20-foot table in the open courtyard; far left, access to rooms.  Very weird perspective, as the sink etc area is at a right angle (turns at the start of the white wall) to the washing area. Anyway, love the Guest House.

...more to come?